Lane Kendall

Design Interests:
Human Centered Design
Design For Good
Experimental Design
Editorial Design

Lane Kendall is an artist and graphic designer residing in Kansas City, MO after having spent the past six years in Fayetteville, AR. As someone that subscribes to art as a creative mode for self-expression, Kendall demonstrates how design allows him to productively exercise his creativity. Kendall also works with photography and printmaking, creating art that primarily focuses on personal identity and societal constructs. Self-motivated, hard-working, curious, passionate, and reliable, Kendall is an adaptable worker and a quick learner, eager to find ways to create and collaborate with others.

When Kendall isn’t creating, he can be found on the disc golf course, playing with his cats, watching YouTube, curating a new playlist for his collection, or finalizing plans for his next road trip.

Driven by passion and a desire for excellence, Kendall continues to build upon his skills to serve his purpose in the design community.