2022 — KENDALL
Fall ························ 2020
Advanced Typography ········· Ryan Slone

Distributed Proximities
Conference Branding
This project involved developing a full brand concept for a conference. Due to the current global pandemic, most conferences are being held online, which was an interesting aspect to keep in mind
while designing.

“Abrupt shifts due to the global pandemic have precipitated myriad experiments in remoteness, improvised virtual communities, and rapid retooling to address novel urgencies. These circumstances provide an opportunity to reflect upon practices and priorities, to recognize the interdependent coevolutionary nature of our planet, society, and built environment, and to collectively re-imagine alternate futures” -ACADIA 2020

For this project, I really wanted to push myeslf out of my comfort zone. I typically stick to “playing it safe” when it comes to typography so I was determined to break out of the box with our first advanced typography project of the semester.