2022 — KENDALL
Fall ························· 2020
Human Centered Design ········ Marty Maxwell Lane

Impacts of Digital Life on Physical Activity
Over the course of four weeks, we tracked data for various activites we do on a daily basis. At the end of those four weeks, we traded data anonymously with a classmate and started to build an argument around what we had.

I was given data that tracked time spent walking, time spent zooming, quality of sleep, and zoom fatigue. With this information, I built an argument that digital life has an impact on physical activity. However, in order to frame this argument, I had to manipulate and/or omit parts of the data.

The second part of this project was revealing the manipulation of the data to our audience. Adding back in the data that I omitted creates completely different visualizations. I displayed these discrepancies through a video that you can view below.